Monday, August 15, 2005

Charles Gant Reality TV Fantasy Island Desperate

Folks, Charles Gant's so called tv "show', 'Fantasy Island', must be getting deserate.

They are still reeling from Network Nine's expose on Gant and his "show". I wasn't the only person who had mixed expierences with 'Fantasy Island' and the Gant camp. Basically Gant's name and "show" is mud, and he can't apparently get a positive press run anymore, so he took out a few adverts in rags and such. The Sydney Morning Herald also buried and exposured Gant and his "show".

In response, Gant and his associates are trying to get positive coverage on the internet, but unfortunatly for Gant, the word is already out on him. This guy has given reality tv a worse name that it already had! Now that's quite an achievment! No more positive exposure for Gant or 'Fantasy Island' in the media.

Gant's been spreading lies about good people. A fraudster is always a fraudster. AVO's, stalking, people getting ripped off...these are a few of his favorite things, and Gant's attepting to play the victim!

'Fantasy Island' is looking to be all but history.

Fact is indeed stranger than fiction. Gant and friends, karma is a bitch, and the industry is too small in Australia to go around ripping off people, telling lies, to not get away with it.

'Fantasy Island' has been expoused. No wonder Gant is on the radar of the Australian Federal Police, and for the record, I gave a follow up phone call to the Australian Federal Police, and I also reported Gant in person at Randwick Police Station.

'Fantasy is right'. Keep dreaming. Gant, if your reading, I've also tipped on various news media bloggers and the top brass at Southern Cross Broadcasting. Gant's name is mud forever.

Best Regards
Greg Tingle
Media Man Australia